Common Reasons for Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door working improperly or not working at all? Many different issues can affect the garage door, causing inadequate operation. Not only are such problems frustrating, they’re also potentially risky to one’s safety and well-being. Some of the most common reasons that homeowners require professional garage door repair are listed below.

Sensor Problems: The garage door sensor tells the door when to open and close. It is an important mechanism on the garage door because without it, the door may hurt people by closing on them, smash fingers or toes, or cause other trouble. This is one issue that should be quickly addressed.

Not Working: A garage door that is not working can be caused by many issues. Start with the simple fixes, such as being out of range with the transmitter or a need for batteries. If these tricks do not solve the problem, call a pro.

Track Problems: When the garage door is off track or isn’t on the track properly, it is not going to open and close the way that it should. This is yet another problem that needs addressed quickly because there is so much danger there.

Transmitters Problems: The transmitter is the brain the garage door. It can experience a number of issues that cause it to malfunction. Sometimes it is a problem as simple as being out of range. This is an easy fix by getting back in range. Sometimes, however, it is a more serious issue that needs professional help.

Springs: Broken springs are not a friend to a garage door and need replaced quickly in order to get the garage door to function properly again. If the springs on the garage door are dented or otherwise damaged or broken, expect trouble to brew almost immediately. This is usually a simple repair job if you respond quickly.

garage door repair

So many issues can cause your garage door to function improperly. Some of the most common problems are outlined above. When there is an issue with the garage door, make sure to get someone to repair the problem quickly. You cannot afford to put off repair when there is so much on the line.