How to Boost a New YouTube Channel

Are you ready to take your youtube channel to a brand new level? You have created this youtube channel recently, and put up some new videos that you created. That is a very good start. You probably used your other social media accounts to do some promotion and got your friends to watch your videos a few times too. That helped you a decent amount, and you managed to get close to 500 or 600 views on each video. Do not feel bad about that. It is a very promising start.

But what you also have to know is that if you want to do this as your job, you cannot get by on such low numbers. It doesn’t matter how many hours you are putting into your content. If you’re not getting massive numbers of viewers then you are in a position where you need to buy youtube views. Now we are not saying that you are going to have to keep doing this in the long term. But for now, it is a method that you need to use.

What happens when you go to a site and you buy youtube views is that you are going to get them on your video within 24 hours. They appear just like normal views, which means they count towards trending lists and search results page rankings and all those things. So if you have a video about some relevant topic that people are searching, they are more likely to see your new video among the results if you used the buying views method. Otherwise, your video is probably on the third or fourth page.

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And when you have your video on the top page of search results, it makes a huge difference. You are 10 or 20 times more likely to have someone click on your video if it is on that page, because hardly anyone even goes on the second and third pages of the results. The only time they will go that far is if none of the videos on the first page are the ones they wanted to see.